Property Decisions Made During Divorce Can Impact You For Years

The decisions you make regarding property division will have an important impact on your future financial situation. At the West Caldwell law offices of Minion & Sherman, our Essex County, New Jersey, property division attorneys will make sure your rights are protected when it comes to the equitable distribution of your marital assets.

How Is Property Divided During a Divorce in New Jersey?

When it comes to property division, the state of New Jersey assumes that all marital assets are equal, so every divorce begins with a presumption to split property 50-50. A cookie cutter approach may not work for every family, though, so we closely examine your financial situation and can even help you negotiate a unique settlement that meets your needs. If a negotiated agreement is not possible, then the court will divide the property, considering 16 different economic and marital factors (like the length of marriage, age and health of the parties, employment history, and education) before making a final decision.

Whether you could obtain more property or there is a risk that you will not receive half of available marital assets, it is important to know what to expect before you start negotiations.

As your attorneys, we will make sure that any property division, achieved either through a negotiated settlement or litigation protects your rights. We will also make sure all assets, including property and businesses are properly identified and valued. This includes complex assets like pensions, 401(k)s and retirement accounts.

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From the future of your home to the future of your retirement plan assets, your divorce and property division will have a major impact on your current and future finances. At the West Caldwell law offices of Minion & Sherman, we offer free initial consultations and night/weekend appointments so you can decide if our firm is right for you. Contact us today for more information.