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New Jersey bankruptcy: Pay credit card debt before saving

When people give financial advice, they invariably talk about how important a savings account can be to any financial plan. The problem is that when a consumer is struggling just to pay the bills, is living off of credit cards and contemplating filing bankruptcy, it may not make much sense to start a savings account. The question then becomes how to get out from under a mountain of credit card debt.

New Jersey baby boomers could face bankruptcy at retirement

There may be plenty of baby boomers in New Jersey that wish they could afford to retire, but just don't feel they can due to their financial situation. When the recession hit, many baby boomers believed that the equity in their home was like having a savings account. Now, some of those same people are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy due to circumstances out of their control.

New Jersey bankruptcy: Can credit cards help rebuild credit?

With many consumers in New Jersey struggling with their credit card debt, it may be difficult to believe that credit cards may actually be helpful. As a part of planned debt management, it is possible. Credit cards can be used to rebuild a consumer's credit score after a bankruptcy.

New Jersey bankruptcy: Christmas and financial management

It's that time of year again. The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and many in New Jersey are feeling the pressure to find that perfect gift for each person on their list. One big question that comes up every year is how consumers are paying for those much sought after Christmas gifts. It is during this time of year that some consumers forget their financial management and wind up deeper in debt and facing the prospect of bankruptcy.

Study shows more consumers are focusing on car payments

There was once a time when New Jersey residents, and people all across America, would put paying off home loans as a priority in their debt management. In fact, out of the three most typical types of loan payments -- car loans, credit cards and mortgage loans -- American's are placing more priority on car loans than anything else. While these loans are certainly important, disregard for other payments may lead to worse debt hardships that sometime require bankruptcy protection to solve.

Overspending before the holidays can lead to debt, bankruptcy

Overspending during the holidays is tempting. Many people are in the spirit of giving and want to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. While there is nothing wrong with generosity, it is important to find gifts that fit within your budget. A recent article discussed what can go wrong when consumers -- bombarded by exclusive or limited-time online deals -- spend more than they have.

November numbers indicate a foreclosure surge is on the way

In recent months, the rate of foreclosure across the country slowed significantly after major lenders were accused of "robo-signing" foreclosure documents. After the process was adjusted, the backlog of foreclosure cases surpassed four million, increasing the process significantly. While New Jersey homeowners are still experiencing an average wait time of 984 days, it appears the wave of foreclosures will surge once again.

New Jersey study shows need for debt relief

Downward trends in the economy will have devastating effect on families, homeowners, business owners and the community. When New Jersey citizens are unemployed, they also tend to accumulate personal debt. When they have too much personal debt, they cannot afford their house and other monthly payments and will tend to default on loans. It's either this or they seek options such as bankruptcy relief.

Devising a financial management course for business success

Bankruptcy protection, such as a reorganization plan under Chapter 13 of the Code, may well give an individual or business breathing space to devise a strategy acceptable to creditors for repayment of obligations and continued operation of the business.


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