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Understanding The Bankruptcy Process

Even after we have helped individuals determine that bankruptcy is the right action to take to improve their financial lives, we still often see clients exhibit signs of anxiety and fear. While the bankruptcy filing process in New Jersey may be complex, it is nothing to fear. At the West Caldwell law offices of Minion & Sherman, we have extensive experience helping clients from Essex County, Passaic County and Morris County file for bankruptcy.

Our Essex County bankruptcy lawyers know all the right steps to take in preparing a bankruptcy petition. We will analyze your finances to determine which debts are dischargeable and which chapter is best for you. If you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we will meet with you to gather all the requisite financial information and prepare your petition. If Chapter 13 bankruptcy is better for you, we will work closely with you to determine what you can afford as a monthly payment.

The Meeting Of Creditors

Regardless of which chapter you file under, you will be required to attend one meeting. This meeting, known as the 341A meeting or the meeting of creditors, provides your creditors the chance to come and make a claim for the debt that is owed to them. It also provides the bankruptcy trustee an opportunity to examine you under oath to determine whether the information in your petition is accurate. We will prepare you fully for this meeting and will be at your side throughout the meeting itself. You will always have a trusted legal adviser with you at every step.

You Must Complete A Credit Counseling Course

Prior to filing your bankruptcy petition, you must complete a credit counseling course held by an approved budget and credit counseling agency. Afterward, you will obtain a credit counseling certificate that must be included in your filing packet. Additionally, you will need to obtain a financial management certificate before your debt is discharged. We will help you find an accredited agency where you can take these courses to ensure you meet your bankruptcy requirements.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

When you want compassionate, dedicated legal counsel to help you through this financially difficult time, look no further than the West Caldwell law offices of Minion & ShermanContact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. Call 973-559-5791 or toll free 866-915-1839. We look forward to helping you find that fresh financial start you need to move forward. We also have an office in Newark for your convenience.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Code.