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March 2012 Archives

Housing counselors help sort out debt, prevent foreclosure

New Jersey housing counseling agencies, among those in many other states, are set to receive about $660,000 in funding from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. This money is being made available to help reduce the number of foreclosures in the state. For several years now these organizations have been working to reduce foreclosures, and to educate low-income families about housing issues to help them avoid heavy debt in the future.

Bankruptcy attorneys say student loan debt is on the rise

Students in New Jersey and across the nation know how pricey their "priceless" educational pursuits often turn out to be. Student loan debt is now topping U.S. credit card debt, and 81 percent of members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys say that the number of prospective clients they see with student loan debt has increased "somewhat" to "significantly" in the past few years.

Debt collection practices top New Jersey consumer fraud complaints

To mark the beginning of Consumer Protection Week nationally, New Jersey published a list of the top 10 consumer frauds complained of in the state in 2011. Every day thousands of unsuspecting people are victimized in a variety of ways, some leading to the loss of entire savings, forcing individuals and families to seek bankruptcy protection. While it is important to maintain awareness in order to prevent fraud, it is also comforting to know there are protections available to help people who have suffered at the deceptive hands of others.

New Jersey Supreme Court clarifies information in notice of intent

Over the last several years, foreclosure actions have ground to a virtual halt in New Jersey because of issues with the paperwork presented by lenders as they sought to repossess homes. But now, efforts to stop foreclosure may ramp up after a decision was handed down by the state Supreme Court in a 5-0 ruling on Feb. 27.

Chapter 7 upends Jersey City children's gym

The ongoing recession that began in 2008 continues to hit our communities hard. Small businesses in New Jersey, especially those offering so-called nonessential products and services, have had their share of struggles trying to survive in a down economy. These types of commercial entities that rely on people with expendable incomes have understandably had a difficult time trying to balance their own budgets and pay their own obligations. The result is that some, like one small operation in Jersey City, have turned to Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection as a means of confronting their financial problems and planning for a fresh start.


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