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Steps to take when divorcing as a business owner

Marital property in New Jersey includes all assets acquired during the marriage, including a business. Even if your company existed before you met your spouse, he or she could receive a portion of the value increase. Take these steps if you plan to separate from your...

3 money mistakes to avoid amid divorce

Divorcing is not always easy, but it does give you a chance to take a good, hard look at your life and make any changes you deem necessary. For many New Jersey residents who were once married, learning to get by on one income, as opposed to two, takes some adjustment....

What to know about alimony in New Jersey

The end of a marriage through divorce can be both traumatic and rewarding. Individuals may choose to end their relationships with their spouses when they no longer function together as a cohesive unit and may mourn the loss of their future together. However, after a...


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