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How to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Personal Bankruptcy |

When financial headwinds become too heavy, bankruptcy is often the logical solution. Filing can help you retake control and get back on your feet.

Despite this, going bankrupt is bound to harm your credit. Such an event will exist on your report for up to a decade. The good news is you can build your score back while waiting for the bankruptcy to disappear.

Check credit regularly

Improving your score starts with knowing where you stand. Request free credit reports from all the major reporting agencies. These detailed assessments should give an idea of what you are doing wrong. Viewing them also grants the opportunity to spot and report inaccuracies. Correcting mistakes is an easy way to improve your ranking.

Pay debts consistently

Whatever bills come your way, handle them in full within the allotted timeframe. Paying helps creditors see you are capable of being responsible. Keep spending habits in check. That way, there’s always cash on hand for fulfilling fiscal obligations. Only use credit cards as a last resort.

Save cash diligently

There is always the possibility an emergency will arise. An injury causing hospitalization can happen at the drop of a hat. Your vehicle might break down, thus requiring expensive repairs. Build a reserve fund to cover these scenarios. Taking on debt to solve a problem could send you back to the start of your money troubles.

Bankruptcy is sometimes necessary. That said, it makes creditors less inclined to work with you. Rebuild your credit score so you can live life according to your wishes.


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