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Gary Dourdan of CSI fame has filed bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2012 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Gary Dourdan was once part of the cast of the television show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” a program he worked on for eight years. New Jersey fans of the show may find it hard to believe that the actor has filed for bankruptcy protection, though it appears to have been a responsible action to finally achieve debt relief from longstanding financial issues.

The actor claims that he has assets of approximately $1.8 million and debts that amount to $1.73 million. Court documents show that Dourdan claims to have about $14,883 in monthly income and about $14,562 in monthly bills. That would leave the actor with approximately $321 per month to live on after he pays his bills.

The actor filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of August. On the same day, he asked the court for an injunction to stop Wells Fargo from auctioning his home in foreclosure. Reports indicate that this was not the beginning of Dourdan’s financial trouble. In 2010, Dourdan found himself in court over credit card debt.

Many New Jersey residents are likely able to sympathize with Gary Dourdan’s current financial situation. Many people are struggling to make ends meet, and filing for bankruptcy protection is a common solution. Bankruptcy can give a filer the breathing room they need in order to deal with their financial situation without the pressure of collection agencies and lawsuits. Filing for bankruptcy can also stop a foreclosure proceeding and give the homeowner the possibility of saving their home. Regardless of a filer’s reasons for seeking bankruptcy protection, anyone considering filing may want to seek advice and assistance to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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