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You can stop harassing phone calls from creditors

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2014 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Many New Jersey residents find themselves dealing with more debt than they can handle through no fault of their own. For some reason, debt collectors seem to think that harassing people who are already stressed — and whose finances are stretched to the limit — will get those debts paid. Fortunately, it is possible to stop harassing phone calls from creditors.

When people are being hit with a constant barrage of harassing and sometimes even intimidating calls, letters and other communications from creditors and debt collection agencies, they may not realize that they do have rights. It is not necessary to fear a ringing phone or threatening letters being in your mailbox. It may be beneficial to discuss your situation with a debt relief attorney to understand your rights, but there is relief.

Of course, filing for bankruptcy not only stops debt collection activities — including lawsuits and foreclosures — in their tracks, but it could also provide a permanent solution for the overwhelming debt that started it all. In a prior post, we discussed how the automatic stay helps a bankruptcy filer. Unless a creditor receives prior approval of the court to continue its efforts to collect a debt, the automatic stay remains in place for the duration of the bankruptcy.

Any New Jersey resident needing more information on how to stop harassing phone calls from creditors may start by visiting this page on our website. No one needs to subject themselves to debt collectors. Bankruptcy can provide both a way to deal with them and a way to obtain a fresh start financially.


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