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Knowing the law can stop harassing phone calls from creditors

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Being behind on the payment of debts can be overwhelming and stressful for any New Jersey resident. It does not help that debt collectors will use any number of tactics in addition to the numerous phone calls they make. Knowing the law can stop harassing phone calls from creditors.

Some debt collectors will threaten to contact family members or an employer.  These threats are designed to shame a person into paying the debt. Under the law, creditors and debt collectors are not allowed to disclose any information regarding an individual’s debts to family members, friends or employers. In fact, debt collectors may not make contact at a person’s work if he or she relays that phone calls at work are prohibited.

Other tactics include telling someone that he or she will be taken to court if payment is not made right away, which could be a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Still, others are told that the past-due debt can be removed from their credit reports immediately. In reality, most creditors will not remove information from a credit report at all. In short, many debt collectors are willing to say just about anything to get a person to pay the debt.

The FDCPA provides consumers with certain rights regarding debt collection, and in some cases, it can provide a means to stop harassing phone calls from creditors altogether. However, this may not solve a New Jersey resident’s financial issues, which is what prompted the debt collection calls in the first place. Filing for bankruptcy could be a viable option for relieving the stress that comes from both being in debt and dealing with debt collectors. Once the bankruptcy is complete, the filer may receive a fresh financial start.

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