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It may not be enough to stop harassing phone calls from creditors

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2015 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Debt collectors will do just about anything to convince consumers to pay a debt — even if it does not belong to them, but, instead, to a deceased relative. Many New Jersey residents do well just to stop harassing phone calls from creditors, but, now that one company has gone digital with its collection efforts, it may become more difficult to escape the harassment. A consumer alert in another state brings attention to a fraudulent email being sent to its residents that makes threats that may be in violation of the law.

The email threatens legal action if the recipient fails to pay an old debt. The company, ACS Incorporation Collection, does not have a good reputation. In fact, the Better Business Bureau gives the company an “F” rating and an alert to stay away from it due to hundreds of consumer complaints.

People who seem to be regularly targeted by debt collectors are those with relatives who have recently passed away. Before a New Jersey resident does anything with regard to a demand concerning a relative’s debt, he or she may benefit from consulting with someone who can outline the rights and responsibilities of a survivor regarding the debts of a loved one. In many cases, a relative cannot be held not responsible for a debt, but that does not stop debt collectors from trying to convince a relative to pay a loved one’s debts. Some people who are struggling with debt may receive a combination of legitimate and fraudulent contacts from debt collectors, and it can be challenging to differentiate.

For an individual who is overwhelmed by debt and considering bankruptcy, the primary goal may be to stop harassing phone calls from creditors. Doing so can be challenging, and, when debt collectors start sending emails as well, it can seem like an insurmountable task to be free from harassment — even when the debt collectors are legitimate. Filing for bankruptcy allows a consumer to have some much-needed silence from creditors while working to rebuild his or her financial life.

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