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Creating A Successful Parenting Plan

After the end of a relationship through divorce or other means, the children are often your first priority. Each parent wants to maintain their relationship with the children, exactly as it has been in the past. This can lead to unrealistic expectations around a parenting plan. The point of creating a parenting plan is to design a parenting strategy that is best for the children, and which will minimize conflict between you and your ex-partner. It is important to have an attorney guide you through this process, one who has created successful parenting plans before and can use that experience to your advantage. Minion & Sherman is a firm that can do that.

We were founded more than two decades ago. We put your family first: we provide responsive, thoughtful guidance for New Jersey families who are going through divorce or other family law matters.

Three Key Tips To Keep In Mind

We know that creating a parenting plan is an important step in designing the way your life will look post-divorce. As experienced family law attorneys, we can offer some general pieces of advice when crafting a parenting plan:

  1. Try to be fair to the other parent. It can be difficult when you are divorcing to think about the other parent and what is fair to them. However, in the long run the plan will work better if neither parent feels that it is unfair.
  2. Be objective when thinking about what is best for the children. This, too, can be hard when you just want to see your children. However, keep in mind that it is difficult to change a parenting plan once it’s been established, so this plan must work for your kids.
  3. Think about the details. It’s easy to say you will figure out each holiday and special situation as it arises, but this will lead to trouble. Who gets the kids for each holiday? Who will take time off work if the kids are sick? Is each parent allowed to take the kids on vacation? What about out of the country? These are issues best settled during initial discussions.

We will help you make sure that you and your family are set up for success in your parenting plan. We will speak with you, get to know your situation and offer personalized advice and guidance.

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