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Creating Fair Child Support Orders

Unless both parents receive nearly equal parenting time with their children and make approximately the same yearly salary, one will end up paying child support to the other. Child support payments are designed to meet the needs of the child. However, disputes over the amount of support are common, either because payments are not being made or because the payment amount is considered by one parent to be too much or too little.

At Minion & Sherman, we help people in Essex County and throughout New Jersey in child support matters. With more than 40 years of legal experience, our Essex County, New Jersey, child support lawyers understand the issues involved and we seek practical solutions that resolve those issues quickly and correctly. Child support has a direct impact on your child’s quality of life, and we view it as our job to do what we can to make sure the child is receiving adequate support.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In New Jersey, child support is based upon state-determined guidelines. These guidelines take into account many factors, including:

  • Age of each child
  • Health care needs of each child
  • Income of each parent
  • Earning potential of each parent
  • Educational needs of each child

These are just a few of the things a judge will consider when making a child support determination. Our role as New Jersey child support attorneys is to gather accurate information about your finances and present it to the judge so that he or she can calculate child support based on full information.

Child Support Modification And Enforcement

It is important to realize that your family will continue to grow and change after your divorce. If you are interested in relocation or if you have experienced a change in income, our firm can help you seek a modification of child support orders and child custody arrangements as well.

Unfortunately, some parents fail to meet their obligations to their children and do not make their child support payments. If you are a custodial parent and are not receiving child support payments, we can help you pursue an action to enforce the child support order to compel the payments your children need and deserve.

Contact Us Today For Information About Child Support

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