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Assistance With Alimony Issues

If you are going through a divorce, you want to try to maintain as much control over your life as possible. Alimony is designed to help both parties in a divorce maintain the standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage. While marriage provides economic benefits, spousal support can help each person make the difficult transition back to single life. At the New Jersey law offices of Minion & Sherman, our Essex County, New Jersey, alimony lawyers can help you develop a fair alimony and spousal support plan.

Responsive, Family-Oriented Legal Counsel

After a divorce, it is most difficult for the lesser wage-earner to maintain the lifestyle they had before. It is common for stay-at-home parents to have little or no significant work history. When one spouse is facing economic hardship after a divorce, alimony can help provide immediate or long-term resolution, allowing a party to maintain their standard of living during the transition back into the workforce.

New Jersey state courts will consider a number of factors when determining a fair and sufficient spousal support plan. The length of marriage, age and health of the parties, employment history and education will all be considered by the courts. All alimony plans are designed with the long-term future of both parties in mind.

Alimony Options

Not every plan for spousal maintenance is the same. Some alimony plans are permanent, while others are temporary, set for a limited duration or consisting of lump-sum payments. Alimony helps support individuals who are unable to support themselves, helping them get back on their feet, moving towards financial independence.

If there has been a major change in the financial situation of you or your former spouse, you can get a post-divorce modification to reflect that change.

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If you are getting divorced, alimony could be an important part of your case. At the West Caldwell law offices of Minion & Sherman, our attorneys can help you understand what to expect regarding a permanent or temporary spousal support plan. Contact us online or call 973-559-5791 today for a free initial consultation and find out whether our law firm is right for your family. We offer night and weekend appointments.