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How Separation Works In New Jersey

New Jersey does not have legal separation as some states do. However, couples are free to choose to live apart without necessarily getting divorced. For those contemplating divorce, this kind of separation can be a useful way of getting a feel for how life would be without a spouse.

At Minion & Sherman, we have significant experience guiding couples through the emotionally difficult processes of separation and divorce. We find that many of our clients are ready to enter the next phases of life but are not yet ready for a divorce. In these situations, we can create separation agreements that can be useful if and when the divorce decision is eventually made.

To arrange a free consultation with our experienced Essex County, New Jersey, marital separation attorneys, please call 973-559-5791 or toll free 866-915-1839. You can also contact our law firm online. Evening and weekend appointments available.

Understanding Marital Separation

Some couples may separate for any number of religious, economic or personal reasons; others seek a separation in order to pursue a no-fault divorce. New Jersey law requires that spouses live separately for at least 18 months in order to obtain a no-fault divorce. During that 18-month period, our attorneys can help you create a separation agreement that addresses all issues that will eventually be decided during the divorce, such as:

Separation agreements give the couple the opportunity to decide these issues for themselves, rather than leave it up to a judge. They can also lead to a more efficient, less expensive divorce because the issues are unlikely to be litigated. We devote the same care and attention to separation as we do to all family law issues we handle. We know this time is difficult, but we are ready to help ease your transition into post-marriage life.

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To learn more about separation agreements in New Jersey, we invite you to schedule a free consultation. Please call 973-559-5791 or toll free 866-915-1839. You can also contact our West Caldwell law firm online.